Susan B. Anthony, A Bit of Women’s History, and Me

Susie B. and Me Susan B. Anthony keeps coming up in conversations about our school house. Her childhood home is located less than 2 miles from the school, in Battenville, New York. The house is owned by the state and currently sits empty.  Here’s an article from the Times Union written in 2016 that explains… Continue reading Susan B. Anthony, A Bit of Women’s History, and Me

Notes From Gramp’s Work Bench

Winter Progress Update Hurray! Last Saturday the weather finally warmed up enough for us to get over to the school house and do some work! First Em, Gramp, and myself had a project meeting to check in and do some planning. Then on to the school house! Gramp is kind of in charge of the… Continue reading Notes From Gramp’s Work Bench

167 Years Young

Gramp’s Jumping in as guest blogger this week! Take it away Gramp! How did they build stuff in 1850? So I sat drinking my coffee on Thanksgiving morning drooling over the home improvement store Black Friday sale fliers shouting: I want this saw for the school house! I need this whiz bang laser level thingy… Continue reading 167 Years Young

A Hop into History

Will the Real Gramp Please Stand Up When we chose the name  “Gramp’s Old School” it was to recognize that my grandfather attended the school and that my father (my son’s grandfather) is saving the school. I also liked it because I think a lot of people had a Gramp or Gram that attended the… Continue reading A Hop into History

Gramp’s Old School

I Bought This, Now What??!! I am now the proud and slightly dazed owner of a tiny lot complete with a tiny one room school house built in 1850. How did this happen? Well…. I’m not quite sure….it all started one evening as a casual conversation with my parents: Me: “Did you know the school… Continue reading Gramp’s Old School