School’s Out: Family Road Trip to Boston for Sissy Sarah’s Graduation! Plus We Moved into Our New (old) House!

Whirlwind Week
Last week I played the game “Jam as many life events as possible into seven days!” I’m not sure but I think I won! Here’s how it went.

Thursday – Pull up flooring in upstairs of new house (revealing original hardwoods) to satisfy appraiser and bank
Friday – Drop off dogs, drop off Philip, drive 5 hours to Boston in traffic, attended sissy Sarah’s art opening for her graduation
Saturday – Meet fam for lunch and tour  Museum of Fine Arts, drive 4 hours back from Boston, pick up dogs, pick up toddler, go home, SLEEP
Sunday – Finish pulling up flooring
Monday – Pack, pack, pack
Tuesday – Toddler play date and more packing
Wednesday – Move into new house!

img_20180520_175456Our new (old) house, a 1910…we don’t know what… bungalow maybe?

Old House Addict
Yep I did it again, I bought another fixer upper, well I don’t know if the school house can be called a fixer upper, more like total overhaul. We’re about to close on a 1910 home in the small village of Greenwich. We’ll be less than five minutes from the school house and from Gramp and Em! Do we have some leaks, some cracked tile, some chipped flooring, yep! Are we excited beyond belief? To quote Gramp “You bet!” We also have original hardwoods, cased molding and trim work, cast iron heat vents, and a beautiful bay window. Love! We’re at 1250 square feet, so not quite a small house but we’ve downsized about 600 square feet. Em said it feels “cozy.” I hope she likes cozy!

img_20180520_134100 just a little DIY work in the bedrooms…hubby Ben did most of this one

img_20180520_174542view from the dining room into the living room, I love that vent!

School’s Out; Congrats to the Grad!
I feel like a credit card commercial, because the look on Sarah’s face when she saw me standing in her art exhibit was priceless! Less than 24 hours in Boston was totally worth it! Her artwork is beautiful and I was honored and so proud to attend her show. Sarah graduated on Sunday with a Masters of Fine Arts from Tufts University and will be starting a teaching position this summer. Gramp and Em, brother Jesse, Ben and myself made it out for this momentous event. img_20180518_195458Sarah’s Exhibit “Embody”

img_20180518_204508_1Me with the artist, in black of course!

Gramp in the City
Gramp’s done quite a bit of traveling but I don’t think art museums are on the top of his list. Saturday we spent the day at the Museum of Fine Arts, and had a blast  (when were weren’t losing each other in the crowd) it’s hard to keep five Teffts, one husband, and one boyfriend all together!

img_20180519_131033We all loved the Modern Art Exhibit

img_20180519_131537Georgia O’Keeffe “End of Barns” 1922 done during her time in Lake George, NY (about an hour north of our school house), one of my favorites!

img_20180519_132928Gramp and Sarah check out Frida Kahlo’s “Dos Mujeres” 1928

img_20180519_133025Sometimes I start walking and hope they all follow….

School House I Hear You Calling My Name
I’m having school house withdrawal after missing one weekend. I’m distracted unpacking boxes, finding the toilet paper, petting the confused dogs, and looking for a swing set for the little guy. Gramp will be full on school house quite a bit this weekend and flying solo for the most part. Who knows what he’ll get up to with out me?!

img_20180516_111826Philip helped me unload a donation of insulation the other day

img_20180514_141620It’s getting greener!


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