Spring is for Graduation- Gramp’s Old School Has (almost) Graduated to the 21st Century!

Class Reunion
This year marks 20 years since I graduated high school (class of 1999)! The other day my sissy Sarah saw my old photos from high school and said “why did you print all of these?” Well there really wasn’t another choice then haha! So for this blog I had to dig out a few vintage photos. I pressured Gramp for a photo from his high school days too. We both graduated from the same high school, 21 years apart!IMG_20190601_213307One of my first days of school, 1986img_20190617_200141My last day of high school with my bestie Megan, class of 1999

GrampHighSchoolGramp’s senior photo, class of 1978

Gramp’s Old School Meets the 21st Century!
We’re still unsure of the year the school house closed and graduated its last students. We think right around 1944?  Just like my sister was shocked that I would print photos, I was shocked that the school house never had any running water or a real septic system. It was built in 1850 and received some upgrades along the way but was a country school through and through. Just look at the school house now!IMG_20190522_094829It was a tight squeeze but the well rig made it on the property!IMG_20190524_172901We have a well!

It’s a relief that we’ve called an official end to demo and are finally putting the school back together. Big thanks to Phillip Murphy  for hauling away the giant old septic tank! I think the house is happy we’re cleaning it up. Our recent accomplishments are installing a well and beginning to frame the addition floor and walls. The septic is scheduled to go in very soon. We can’t wait!IMG_20190525_160638The crawl space in the addition after we demo’d the floorIMG_20190603_122021Our newly framed floor

Remembering Our Roots
Our mechanical upgrades are certainly 21st century but we’re keeping it old school with our decor. Yes, I’m obsessing over paint colors again for the door. Benjamin Moore has a historic line of colors with names like Lafayette Green and New London Burgundy. I finally framed some of our vintage family photos that will go on display in the school. A neighbor gave us gorgeous cast iron ends to a bench. We have our first vintage decor for outside! So pretty.IMG_20190608_155723I’ll end up with all the colors of the rainbow on the door before I decide!IMG_20190529_104315My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Kevin as children circa 1960IMG_20190525_141348We’ll make these cast iron ends back into a bench

Magic Forest – A Vintage Vacation!
I have to confess, last weekend instead of working on the schoolhouse I took a mini vacation and we ended up at Magic Forest. If you have littles and enjoy vintage this is straight out of the 1960’s. I loved it and so did Philip!magicforestLake George is so beautiful! magicforest2Hansel and Gretel did creep me out a bit, but it was still awesome!

Check This Out
“Life As I See It” is a beautiful local travel blog. This recent article is about a schoolhouse in Easton, click here to see the whole article.Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 10.06.30 AM

Screen shot from the blog “Life As I See It”

Check This Out Too 
The Historic Stoops Hotel, circa 1805 is on the market! This tavern is on the National Register of Historic Places and located next to the early home of Susan B. Anthony! It’s also right down the road from the schoolhouse. I can’t wait to see what the next step is for this beautiful property! Click here to see the full listing.

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 10.07.07 AMscreen shot from realtor.comStoops HouseSusie B’s house is right next doorStoops2It looks so pretty on the inside

More soon!



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