Spring Update at the Schoolhouse

It’s starting to feel like spring might actually be here! We’ve made a lot of progress behind the scenes in the last few months and now there’s actually some progress everyone can see. We want to share with you what we’ve been up to!img_20190406_134744Gramp repaired the soffits and fascia

National Register of Historic Places
We’d been waiting for several months to hear back from the National Register of Historic Places on Part 2 of our application (you may remember I submitted about 10 pages of writing and 100 photos). The government shutdown at the beginning of the year caused a delay in the process. At the end of we March received notice of conditional approval! This means we can do all of our proposed renovations with the exception of a few tweaks and we will be eligible for the National Register!Marked UP NPSYippee! We are approved!

Rain Rain Go Away
April has been a very rainy month, which held up a lot of our site work. I’m excited to say we ran electric last week and roof work has started! There is now electricity at the schoolhouse for the first time in seventy years! We can’t thank our electrician enough for doing such an amazing job, locals might know Ernie Weir, he was awesome!img_20190501_102213Ernie and Gramp pulling wire, I appointed myself photographer!img_20190501_152208Thanks to our electrician Ernie for all your work (he sped off before we could get a pic)!img_20190506_165855Snow slides are installed on the north side of the school

Woodworking Projects
Gramp’s keeping busy in the rain, he’s working on small handmade items using wood from the schoolhouse. Check out the picture frame below. We found an old table in the attic of the schoolhouse that Gramp truly worked magic on, now we can reuse it as the kitchen table in the schoolhouse! img_20190401_121026Gramp made this proto-type picture frame, we hope to make a few more!


Before and after of the schoolhouse table, it looks amazing!

Family Fun
We braved the elements and had a great Easter with the little guy! More soon! -Jillimg_20190421_142947Easter was a little damp, but we managed to fly a kite!


2 thoughts on “Spring Update at the Schoolhouse

  1. Everything looks good and your baby steps are getting bigger abd bigger!!!


    1. Aww thanks…we hope to keep it up!


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