Schoolhouse Design – Rustic and Farmhouse Styles are Speaking to Us!

We are getting closer to starting the interior renovations and I’m thinking about the overall design for the schoolhouse and all the finishing touches. This is the super fun part! But eek, so many decisions to make!  Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on!

Key Words for Design
-And of course schoolhouse!

Farmhouse Homebody book Joanna GainesA page from the book Homebody by Joanna Gaines

Historical Features 
-Original hard wood floors
-5 chalkboards (we are moving one to accommodate a refrigerator)
-9 large windows in the main schoolroom

IMG_20181020_152506Our pretty windows

Avid blog readers will know the schoolhouse was built in 1850, but that a significant renovation was done in 1927 to allow the school to stay open. It’s the 1927 renovation that we are going back to in our design.

From the 1927 Renovation 
-10” baseboards
-Thick crown molding
-Walls will be insulated and sheet rocked to mimic the original beaver board
-Original trim and window casings

IMG_3247You can see the wide baseboards, trim, and chalkboards circa 1927IMG_20190127_145236We’re plotting out a floor plan for the kitchenIMG_20190121_135143A little more inspiration from Joanna Gaines

Main Schoolroom
Since the main schoolroom is staying as a 600 square foot open living, dining, and kitchen space, we will have pretty much a blank slate as far as design goes. The main schoolroom including all the trim was yellow with blue base boards. It was a lot of yellow. Right now I’m thinking of changing that yellow to more of a soft white and keeping the trim blue gray.

A page from Homebody book by Joanna GainesMaybe the main room will look something like this with blue trim and white walls

I’ve also been thinking about all those little touches to include in the design. A few gifts that I love that will find a home in the schoolhouse as decor -the little desk below and a few vintage school books. We’ll enlarge and frame some photos of the students, including my grandfather. We want it to feel like a school room without being too heavy handed. Chalk and erasers will be provided so guests can draw on the chalkboards!

img_20190124_111330.jpgLove this little desk I got as a Christmas giftimg_20190124_111236These vintage books will look great in the schoolhouse!

We’ve Been a Bit Busy Lately…
If you follow my personal facebook page you may have noticed we’ve made several trips to Boston in the last couple of weeks. It gave us the chance to spend lots of time with Auntie Sarah and her bf Colin but the real reason we were there was because the little guy had to have a small surgery. We’re happy to report that we had surgery last Monday and all went well, Philip is on the mend!

img_20190203_120211visiting the New England Aquarium with Auntie Sarahimg_20190204_060407-1On our way to surgery at 6am IMG_20190204_144111We made it home and still smiling!


4 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Design – Rustic and Farmhouse Styles are Speaking to Us!

  1. So excited to start hearing more about the upcoming events.


    1. Once the weather warms up we’ll be very busy!


  2. Love the color ideas, the totally open layout, the windows are gorgeous ( wouldn’tind finding one like yours), the kitchen layout is great( love Jojo). How exciting!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I love Jojo too, that book is really great…sometimes I’m not so sure about celebrity books but this one is great! I’m so excited to get going on this project. Hopefully we’ll have a couple of exciting announcements soon!


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