2018 in Review and What’s Up for 2019

2018 in Review A lot of things happened in 2018! For the school house it was a year of preparation and planning. For our family it was a time of changes big and small. Two of my sibling graduated (one from high school and one from grad school). Gramp and Em officially have an empty… Continue reading 2018 in Review and What’s Up for 2019

Back To School

Back to School It’s that time of year! I realized this year four family members (including myself) are heading back to school. Sarah Tefft took a teaching position at the Perkins School for the Blind in their new College Success program. Philip will be starting pre-school next week and I just registered for a small… Continue reading Back To School

Susan B. Anthony, A Bit of Women’s History, and Me

Susie B. and Me Susan B. Anthony keeps coming up in conversations about our school house. Her childhood home is located less than 2 miles from the school, in Battenville, New York. The house is owned by the state and currently sits empty.  Here’s an article from the Times Union written in 2016 that explains… Continue reading Susan B. Anthony, A Bit of Women’s History, and Me

Notes From Gramp’s Work Bench

Winter Progress Update Hurray! Last Saturday the weather finally warmed up enough for us to get over to the school house and do some work! First Em, Gramp, and myself had a project meeting to check in and do some planning. Then on to the school house! Gramp is kind of in charge of the… Continue reading Notes From Gramp’s Work Bench

Buried in Books

It’s For the School House!! As I paced around my house trying to figure out how to relieve my cabin fever I stopped at the 30 or so boxes of books that we never unpacked when we moved back. Every now and then Ben or I will mention that we really needed to get some… Continue reading Buried in Books

D-I-Why Me??

DIY BBRRRR!! It’s still too chilly to work at the school house! So I decided to take on a few decorative DIY projects with some of the materials we salvaged. I’ve been particularly intrigued by the slate. I’ll start by saying I am not one for “crafting” and have rarely used a power tool. Since… Continue reading D-I-Why Me??

2017 Yearbook

Baby It’s Cold Outside I hope everyone is having a wonderful (and in our case chilly) holiday week. My thermometer in Argyle told me -16 when I woke up this morning. It’s a little different than North Carolina, that’s for sure! The dogs have informed me that they are southern dogs and not up for… Continue reading 2017 Yearbook