School’s Out For Summer

Every now and then I ask Gramp to chime in on the blog. He takes this very seriously and I get a draft in my email first thing the next morning. This time I asked both my parents (Gramp and Em) to write something and they BOTH had it to me the next day! So for the first time ever I present a blog co-authored by Em and Gramp!

From The Desk of Em
School’s out for summer but there’s still a lot going on at Gramp’s Old School (more on that later).  This past Sunday the fifth and final Tefft graduated Greenwich Central School. It was a bittersweet moment; a very happy occasion, but also sad. Jesse Tefft has closed the books on high school and is looking forward to college in the fall.

Good luck to all 2018 graduates as you move forward to achieve your goals! As the saying goes as one door closes a new one opens. I think for us that is Gramp’s Old School. -Em

IMG_1871         Jesse Tefft will be heading to a SUNY school to study business 


Clockwise from top left, Jill at her high school graduation 19 years ago!, Jason, Luke at his pre-school graduation (we’re still searching for his high school photo), and Sarah with Gramp in 2012

Notes from Gramp’s Workbench
It’s hard to believe that it was last summer when we got our first look at what would become Gramp’s Old School. How did a whole year go by already? I know I’ve learned a lot since then!

IMG_2530Our first look at the school house, the realtor didn’t even come with us!

Top Ten Things The School House Has Taught Me 

10. Think before throwing stuff away. I was reminded of this very recently while I was scrounging through what’s left of the addition framing looking for pieces of lumber the right size to match the awning framing (hmmmm, that 2 x 4 doesn’t look like it’s holding up anything – saw, saw)!

9. What the heck is a muntin?? They’re the little pieces of wood that separate each pane of glass in our beautiful old windows. Note – early on I was thinking of trashing those too, I really would’ve had to wear the dunce cap for that!

IMG_20180506_154122It takes some work to get the sashes out!

8. Safety First. Don’t step on a nail! Don’t step on a nail!

7. It’s only a budget. I should know this already – everything almost always costs more than planned.

6. Brick and mortar. Who knew there were so many kinds of bricks and that mixing mortar could be so complicated. Just add water, right? Ha, wrong again!

5. Copper. Sheets of copper cost more per pound than the finest caviar!

4. Shiplap. Looks great but it’s a pain in the butt to remove without breaking it.

IMG_20180506_150844Shiplap for days!

3. Patience. The schoolhouse has been around for 168 years, we’ll get things done one step at a time.

2. The Greenwich community. It’s awesome – we’ve made so many new friends.

1. This one I already knew – I have a really wonderful and supportive family! IMG_20180513_140919

Report Card
In honor of the end of the school year, here’s our Gramp’s Old School report card for the first 9 months of the project!

Report Card


2 thoughts on “School’s Out For Summer

  1. Love this post!! Where did the time go?? I remember holding Jesse on his first Christmas Eve, he was so adorable I didn’t want to put him down!! Congratulations Jesse ! I’m sure you will excel in your next chapter in life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I can’t believe he’s done with high school. He wasn’t even born when I graduated!


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