Happy Father’s Day From Gramp’s Old School!

Gramp’s Old School
We named the school house Gramp’s Old School because my “Gramp,” Richard Tefft Sr. attended the school in the early 1940’s. Two year’s ago my father, Richard Tefft Jr. became “Gramp” to my son, Philip. In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a run down of all the fathers in my life!

My Grandfather
As I looked through the old family photos I was reminded of the things that meant the most to my Grandpa; number one his family. There are so many photos of him with his seven children and his wife Alberta. This is my favorite.

IMG_3386My Gramp and Gran and their seven children, my dad is the baby in the photo

I was also reminded of how very much he enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, including  tending his lawn and garden, drinking a cold beer (or two or three…but they had to be Genny Light) and a good Ford truck. One of these things was in almost every photo I found, or a John Deere tractor!

IMG_4915John Deere mowed many lawns

My Father
When I asked my dad to tell me a few of his favorite things he looked at Philip and said, “well, this guy.” He also said “fast cars and loud guitars.” Which is no lie, Gramp released a CD of original songs about six years ago and continues to jam on his guitars today. He also has a long history of driving fast cars, starting with a 1972 Dodge Demon that he owned in his youth.

img_20180614_195219-e1529111879703.jpgMy dad’s (Gramp’s) Dodge Demon, he even kept the key fob (right)

My dad followed in the footsteps of his father and has always been there for his five children (I’m the oldest). He cares so much about us and works so hard so that we can have so many opportunities. His youngest is about to enter college in the fall. What will he do with his free time now that all the kids have flown the nest? I bet you can guess! He’ll be at the school house!

img_20180615_204949My favorite photo of my dad and I, circa 1982

IMG_3773My dad and Philip at the school house

My Husband 
Ben has been a silent (and at times a somewhat shocked) supporter of the school house adventure. I brought him there once a few days before we closed last on it last October. I said “You should probably see what I’m doing,” he said “I don’t see it” and rubbed his face quite a bit. So with literally blind faith he supported the project. Last year on Father’s Day he was only two months post brain surgery and not quite himself, none of us were. This year he is feeling so much better and we’re so happy to be in our new house for this Father’s Day.

img_20180615_174855This is Ben’s favorite t-shirt!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Hope you’re enjoying some of your favorite things today! We’ll be raising a glass of Genny Light to our Gramp!

The Original Gramp, Richard Tefft Sr. and his wife Alberta





3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day From Gramp’s Old School!

  1. Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!

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  2. Aw .. so many nice memories . To this Day I bake cookies on Fathers Day in honor of Gramp Sr. He loved my cookies! Happy fathers Day !

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  3. Claire Houston June 17, 2018 — 2:24 pm

    Loved seeing the old pictures. I remember playing with all of the Tefft kids on Hardscrabble when Liddy Whitaker used to babysit us.


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