Weekend 1
I capitalized the word WORK for a reason! The lot is so over grown that the brush reaches my shoulders. Our first weekend was spent literally whacking a path to the school house front door. Gramp got distracted by the interior again so we spent some time remarking on the moldings and pawing through grimy books. He (finally) realized we could do that for hours and we should probably get back to the yard WORK. Em stopped by for a visit and told us what trees to remove. A heated discussion ensued! Most of the windows were boarded up and with no electricity it’s hard to see the interior. We covered a few of them with plastic sheeting and this gave us our first really good look at the interior. I would say my assessment of extreme disrepair is still correct. Our new neighbors the cows also stopped by for a visit. They were quite vocal with their welcome!


Weekends 2 & 3
This was the advent of the brush hog, also known as manna from heaven. Thanks Aubuchon for the rental! This thing really killed it! The lot was cleared in about four hours. Many curiosities had succumbed to THE BRUSH over the years including a rototiller and an old road sign. I spent a lot of time avoiding being hit by things flying from the all powerful brush hog. Gramp temporarily patched the gaping hole in the floor and we cleaned up the interior a bit, patched the roof and did some prep for demo.

At this point I determined I need some protection when working with Gramp, he’s nuts! My requests so far: bump hat, goggles, full body suit, gloves. Oh yeah and did I mention bump hat? Gramp jumps on ladders without a moment’s notice and I’m scared he’s going to drop a drill on my head.


Next Week
So right now the “family” is just Gramp and myself. This weekend the demo on the interior really begins. I have promises of labor from Ben and Luke and maybe Jesse…we’ll see who shows. The dumpster is coming!!!!


2 thoughts on “Yard WORK

  1. It is looking good around there. Good job!


    1. Thanks! There really is a school under all that brush!


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