Summer Fun and Winter Prep

Summer is Here The heat has gotten to me and I’m delusional with projects in both houses, summer trips, and a new found addiction to auctions and estate sales. We’ve been in the house in the village for about two months now and we absolutely love it. The location is perfect, the layout is wonderful… Continue reading Summer Fun and Winter Prep

D-I-Why Me??

DIY BBRRRR!! It’s still too chilly to work at the school house! So I decided to take on a few decorative DIY projects with some of the materials we salvaged. I’ve been particularly intrigued by the slate. I’ll start by saying I am not one for “crafting” and have rarely used a power tool. Since… Continue reading D-I-Why Me??

167 Years Young

Gramp’s Jumping in as guest blogger this week! Take it away Gramp! How did they build stuff in 1850? So I sat drinking my coffee on Thanksgiving morning drooling over the home improvement store Black Friday sale fliers shouting: I want this saw for the school house! I need this whiz bang laser level thingy… Continue reading 167 Years Young