Back to School at the Schoolhouse

It’s back to school (work) at the schoolhouse! I have to admit that my attention wandered a bit during the warm weather. Gramp’s focus never wavered. He was busy framing the schoolhouse during the hottest week of summer (when we had 90 degrees for almost a week)!

We’re checking things off our list at lightning speed. The well installer came back and set the pressure tank (we have water now!), our electrician finished rough in and our plumber is almost done with his part. We’re prepping for sheetrock and hoping to get that in next week! Our kitchen cabinets are purchased and I’m working on picking out the final few paint colors for the interior.img_20190922_143327Framing and electrical and plumbing oh my!img_20190922_151904Working on a design plan for the bathroom

F is for Family
Our timeline is getting tight and winter is coming. Luckily my brother Luke has volunteered to jump in and help on nights and weekends. He’s knocking out projects left and right and we’re so happy to have him!img_20191001_191921Luke and Gramp installing the plastic “membrain”

A Back to School Math Problem
There are 13 windows in the schoolhouse, each has 5 pieces of trim, 1 door frame has 3 pieces of trim and the 3 chalkboards have 5 pieces of trim each. How many total pieces of trim do Luke and I have to paint? (too many!!)img_20190922_154607trim…trim…trim…trim…trim

School in the 1940’s 
We’re still researching more about the schoolhouse’s history and my family. As most readers know, my grandfather attended the schoolhouse just before it closed in the 1940’s. We’ve been going through some family papers and found more cool documents that relate to the school. Check out my grandfather’s school attendance certificate and reading certificate. I love the handwriting!img_20190926_154857Check out the date! 1943! It says District 11 just like our sign!img_20190926_154835So excited to have these pieces of history!

Back to School in 2019
My little guy started pre-school last month. He was pretty excited to get going the other morning!img_20190910_085218


2 thoughts on “Back to School at the Schoolhouse

  1. Your Grandfather would have been 9 years old !


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