Tree Talk

Tree Talk

GivingTreeWithJill“The only thing this tree is giving Jill is bad dreams” -Ben

As I mentioned in last week’s post, the tree at the school house is the stuff of nightmares. I think of it as the demogorgon from the Netflix show Stranger Things. See the resemblance below?

I really do text Gramp at the slightest gust of wind to ask him if the tree still stands. We’ve gotten several quotes from professionals and have done our research. After a trip out of town in early February this tree’s time is up! To relieve some of my anxieties regarding said demogorgon tree Ben thought he’d take over the blog this week and provide a little comic relief. Take it away Ben!


My family gets very excited talking about trees. Over Christmas Jill starting talking with Uncle Bob about her tree and they were inseparable. Many suggestions of the “Best Tree Guy” were thrown around.

Before we can get the tree surgeon out to tackle this monster though, lets have some fun! 

In the immortal words of Plato – “I can cut down a tree just by looking at it. It’s true, I saw it with my own eyes.”


lwxkdv1Maybe the tree is just at the end of its life and this will happen


niakloquiue1b8a1kgpr3Maybe mother nature will do the job for us


51qvgrcIt’s definitely NOT A DIY JOB 


8ezvpgaThis is the best case scenario

For now Jill’s just going to keep doing this:




She might get hungry after a while…I guess I’ll have to bring her some food. -Ben


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