Top 9 Schoolhouse Moments of 2019

We’ve been busy getting work done and haven’t stopped for a blog post since last October! We’ve checked a lot of rehab items off our list since then and had a very Merry Christmas! Now we’re taking a look back at our top nine moments of 2019 and looking forward to what the future holds for Gramp’s Old School!

IMG_20190302_145822#1 We started the year off right by visiting the Historic Albany Parts Warehouse.¬† We set the tone for the rehab and purchased this vintage 1930’s GE monitor top refrigerator. It will be operating in its new home at the schoolhouse very soon!IMG_20190501_074332#2 Our first major milestone of 2019. We started the process of installing modern electricity last April.IMG_20190501_102215Our friend Ernie took the lead on this and Gramp had a great time “pulling wire.”

IMG_20190506_165952#3 Our historic slate roof received a patch and snow slides.IMG_20190522_094604#4 The first well ever at the schoolhouse was installed in June! IMG_20190524_172901We were so excited!IMG_20190629_160430#5 Our west facing gable wall had deteriorated significantly over the winter. Some very necessary brick work took place over the summer.IMG_20190804_133532This gave us the opportunity to very carefully take down our historic sign, paint it, and re-install it.IMG_20190809_192515Gramp and I were both relieved when two months of brick work wrapped up!IMG_20190725_104500#6 Our friends Snell Septic installed a modern septic system. The schoolhouse had relied on two chemical toilets (basically indoor outhouses) until it closed in the 1940’s.IMG_20190720_105753#7 We finally conclude our hunt for the two missing window sashes at a yard sale in Hebron and Wilson Homestead and all windows are installed! IMG_20190908_145436The final window is installed!IMG_20190908_163716#8 Gramp framed the schoolhouse, my brother Luke and I insulated it, and Squared Away Contracting hung sheetrock and did the taping and mudding. IMG_20191005_151818Luke jumped in and helped us out a lot in the fall!IMG_20191018_175115All ready for paint and finishing touches!img_20191229_143604#9 Gramp made a final push over the holiday and completed almost the entire bathroom!img_20200105_144307We love how it came out!img_0204Because of all Gramp’s hard work we already have a top moment of 2020…running water at the schoolhouse for the first time ever (it only took 170 years)!!!!!!img_0203Imagine all the possibilities with running water!img_20200112_165948Our kitchen is almost finished as well!

What’s Next??!!! We’re very close to completing the project and will be sharing our Airbnb listing soon! Follow the facebook page for the most up to date info.Airbnb Screenshot



2 thoughts on “Top 9 Schoolhouse Moments of 2019

  1. You have (most of!) a kitchen! And a gorgeous bathroom!

    I am seriously in love with this place! Checking out the Facebook page and hoping I can book myself a little writer’s retreat weekend before too long. I’m better spring is glorious there. =)


    1. Thanks! We’re excited to be almost done!


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