Schoolhouse Design: Art Deco Meet Schoolhouse Bathroom

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with designing the bathroom. I don’t know why but I could look at bathroom tile forever!  When we found out the historic addition was added in 1927, a little design team conversation ensued:

Me screaming enthusiastically: “Lets make the bathroom art deco, I want gold fixtures!”

Em’s immediate reaction: “Gold fixtures? No! What are you thinking?” (Em’s initial reaction is NO to to most of the things I say)

Me again screaming: “But art deco!” (Then I thought hmm I’d better make sure I know what art deco actually means).Screenshot_20190112-214327I love this light fixture, to me it says ART DECO!! Check out the website Shades of Light.

Design Rewind
I’ll rewind here and say don’t worry I have no plans to turn the whole schoolhouse into a shiny gold filled mini palace. We’ll be honoring the rustic, farmhouse style of the schoolhouse everywhere else in the design, especially in the main school room. But who can resist a fancy bathroom? Not me!

A Few Upgrades -Buh Bye Chemical Toilets
Funny story, the addition actually housed the two bathrooms, and we are keeping one of those spaces as our bathroom. We’ll be using a similar treatment on the walls (sheetrock to mimic the press board) and the toilet will end up in almost same place! We’re also salvaging the cast iron sink that was originally in the main room of the schoolhouse for our bathroom sink. There’s even been whispers of radiant floor heat! IMG_20190127_141209Working on our bathroom layout. This is the old chemical toilet and another sink we found in the schoolhouse, it was never attached to anything it was just on the floor. It’s cool but too big for the bathroom.IMG_20190127_133951The sink we will be reusing in the bathroom…I guess we need to clean it?! It’s screaming for a gold tone faucet fixture right?!img_20190227_100624Love this cast iron sink!

So What Is Art Deco?
Here’s the super detailed definition of Art Deco via wikipedia. What art deco is to me: gold fixtures, small ornate tile, clean lines, and minimal colors. So far I have a floor tile picked out, a light fixture I love, and some thoughts on the mirror and vanity. Here’s a few of my design inspiration photos:IMG_20190116_104528I’m thinking about all black hexagon tiles for the floor IMG_20190116_104531I love the penny tile too!Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 8.32.46 PM I love the look of this bathroom, especially the ceiling.img_20190227_100616This photo is from HGTV Magazine, I’m into the hexagons!

**Question for the Readers: Since the schoolhouse is going to be a vacation rental we want it to work for well for travelers. When you travel what are the most important things to you about the bathroom?

Field Trip
Gramp and I visited the Historic Albany Foundation’s Parts Warehouse last weekend. We had a blast! If you’re ever in the area and like to treasure hunt this is the place to go. I fell hard for one particular piece that we are going to pick up next week. Stay tuned! It’s a surprise! While I was busy shopping the little guy and my hubby did some shopping of their own…..IMG_20190216_134440Where’s Gramp? Can you find him in the photo? This place is huge!IMG_20190216_125038So pretty, I want it all!IMG_20190216_142742Meanwhile Ben and Philip became the proud new owners of an RC Bronco…


2 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Design: Art Deco Meet Schoolhouse Bathroom

  1. The small black and whit octogonal tile is what was in my family’s bathroom growing up. House built in 20’s. Loved that floor!
    Love the sinks you have too. I have a cast iron sink in my kitchen with drain board that I picked up on the side of the road in Stillwater years ago. He had two but my small car could only take one


    1. I think that tile is so cute! It’s rough when there’s not enough room in your car for free finds!


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