2018 in Review and What’s Up for 2019

2018 in Review
A lot of things happened in 2018! For the school house it was a year of preparation and planning. For our family it was a time of changes big and small. Two of my sibling graduated (one from high school and one from grad school). Gramp and Em officially have an empty nest! Philip turned three and started pre-school. Hubby Ben is doing great and we’re almost two years post brain surgery. We bought and sold a house and moved into a beautiful village.

img_20180717_171014Our 1910 arts and crafts home in the village

I’m looking forward to a 2019 where I can be onsite much more as our vision turns  into reality.  Here are 2018 highlights and accomplishments from each of us:

My Year in Review
-Completed a small business class at SUNY Adirondack
-Found some amazing business mentors through an organization called SCORE and completed a business plan for Gramp’s Old School
-Applied to the National Register for Historic Places
-Officially have a DBA (doing business as) for “Gramp’s Old School”
-Managed to not fall in a perc test hole or let Gramp drop anything on my head!

img_20180923_165525It was back to school for me this year!

Notes From Gramp’s Work Bench
-Rebuilt the awning and have a new found appreciation for slate!
-Got most of the windows repaired – Windows! Windows! Windows!
-Learned how much work will be involved in the addition renovation. It’s the 80/20 rule – 80% of the work will be in 20% of the square footage.
-Septic system designed and permit approved – yay!
-Finalized floor plan for the renovation.
-Plenty of property clean up – we have a yard!

IMG_20181231_152636-1All 3 windows on the front of the school house have been repaired!

img_20180614_174642The poor awning was in rough shape

img_20181205_155708Gramp’s rehab made it look just like old days! 

From The Desk of Em
-Schoolhouse is still standing and survived tree removal and wind blowing off temporary roof cover
-Survived all business meetings and everyone is still speaking
-Last of all I learned I need to have plenty of patience
*Jill’s note: With five kids how could you not have plenty of patience by now?! Seriously, Em is the glue that holds it all together! She took a step back in gingerbread house construction though, things got a little wild!

img_20181215_143605img_20181215_143803Our annual attempt at making gingerbread houses…we were all very concerned they’d fall down. Luckily our skills are better than we thought…we took a ton of these photos and in each one at least one person is looking at the houses waiting for one to collapse! Glad to have brother Jesse, sissy Sarah and her BF Colin home for the holidays!

What’s Up 2019? Complete the Renovation and Open for Business!
It’s official, I’m applying for a small business loan! Next month we’ll know if we are approved and can start the major (expensive) parts of the renovation. Our goal is to renovate March -September and open for business as a vacation rental in October.  Gramp will be acting as General Contractor and I’ll be doing all the prep for opening the business.

img_20181104_115247Just one of the expensive and extensive to do’s, the gable wall that’s cracked at the top

Em will be chiming in on budget matters and acting as co-designer. I am starting to realize just how many decisions will have to be made, like “what kind of light fixtures do you want and where do you want them?” Expect many blogs to be devoted to design choices! Rustic, Farmhouse, a little bit of Industrial…who knows!

img_20181225_194148One of my favorite Christmas presents, some design inspiration!

img_20181231_151237So far we plan to keep one wall as exposed brick on the interior. This will be in the bedroom and bathroom (don’t worry we’ll clean it up!).

A Belated Shout out to the Holidays
We didn’t come through with a Christmas card this year so here’s a few pics of us enjoying the holidays and Christmas morning!

img_20181218_143643My new vintage rug from Revival Rugs, I think the school house will need one too.

img_20181225_081226Santa came through for the little guy!


4 thoughts on “2018 in Review and What’s Up for 2019

  1. What an awesome adventure so far!! I am so looking forward in the next phase ofyour schoolhouse! If you would like some extra imput on the interior design.. I am working to get my certification in it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool! Your flooring choices so far for the school house have been great! I’ll get those samples back to you this week!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad I stumbled across your blog. What a fun project. I’m an old building lover, too.


    1. Great to hear from you! We love our school house!

      Liked by 1 person

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